Agera Consulting

Agera Consulting

Business Consulting

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The team at Agera has decades of global business experience in diverse domains and offers customers consulting services in global project management, international business and more with the aim of improving bottom lines and building sustainability in a world where the only thing that is constant is change.


Global HRD

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Human resource is key to any organization's success. Agera leverages its deep connections with Japanese and Indian educational institutes to provide global companies with highly skilled resources and associated HR solutions and services.


IT Consulting

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In the constantly changing world of information technology, it often becomes difficult for companies to build, maintain and protect their critical IT infrastructure. Adopting a structured approach towards IT infrastructure management and information security is an essential component of any company's operations.


Technology Partnerships

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Agera engages in and also facilitates technology partnerships with and between companies that can come together to offer groundbreaking solutions for businesses and consumers.



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SMARTZ is an Agera brand that encompasses the educational initiatives of the company. We have conceptualized several ideas around the theme of globalization and promoting cross-cultural exchanges. With SMARTZ, we aim to give these concepts a functional structure and a common identity that people from across the world can relate to.


Careers with Agera

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Being a young firm with long term and diverse business interests and ambitions, we look for people who can truly absorb the Agera mindset and evolve as a strong team.