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About Agera Consulting:



Agera Consulting is a business and technology consulting company based in Tokyo, Japan, with global aspirations and a strong focus on Japan and India. Our primary objective is to provide international companies with solutions and services that will empower them to realize their globalization plans. Built on the strong foundations of trust, ability, skills and experience, Agera Consulting aims to be the ideal globalization partner for progressive thinking organizations across the world.


The Name:

"Agera" is a Swedish word which means "to act". We see potential in many ideas, concepts and plans, but the key thing is to strategize, mobilize and “act” on these ideas, concepts and plans to convert them into successful end results. Our motto is “ acting on potential”, which stresses on the theme of action, rather than procrastination.


The Vision:

Realize potential and create value.


The Mission Statement:

Our mission is to leverage our vast experience in India and Japan to enhance business partnerships and collaborations between the two countries and play a constructive role in the economic growth and social development of both nations.


The Agera Advantage:

  • Decades of international experience
  • In-depth knowledge of the Japanese environment
  • Strong team with diverse skill sets and exceptional business network
  • Multi-location – not restricted by geographical boundaries
  • Local presence in Tokyo, Japan for Japanese customers
  • Committed to time and quality
  • Extensive network of highly reliable partners
  • Ability to expand beyond India and partner customers globally
  • Provides a single point of contact - Customer does not need to interface with multiple agencies/vendors/contractors/people
  • Flexible approach - Ability to understand specific customer expectations and act accordingly rather than adopting a one-strategy-fits-all approach



The President & CEO 「代表取締役社長」:


Aniruddha Mallik (Ani) 「アニルッド・マリック (アニ)」

Aniruddha is the President & CEO of Agera Consulting, which he founded in 2013 after occupying executive management roles in companies of diverse business interests, ranging from information technology to education. Part entrepreneur, part mentor, part technology enthusiast, Aniruddha has more than 17 years of international business management experience. In his role as the Chief Operations Officer at Indicus Software, a CMMI Level 3 certified information technology company, Aniruddha was based in Tokyo (Japan) for more than 12 years, during which period, he played a critical role in the evolution of the company from being a startup to becoming a reputed, process oriented organization with a global reach. In his technical capacity, he also headed the information security practices of the company as the CIO.

He is also an Executive Committee member of the India IT Forum since 2008, which is an industry body based in Tokyo to represent the interests of the Indian IT industry in Japan and also to facilitate enhanced business relations between India and Japan. The India IT Forum is now part of the Indian Commerce and Industry Association Japan (ICIJ).

Aniruddha has vast cross-functional international experience covering business operations, human resources development, training & mentoring, technology & infrastructure, information security, processes, corporate communications, business development & marketing, public relations, branding and much more. He is actively involved in various knowledge sharing & career guidance initiatives in Pune and Tokyo and takes special interest in assisting start-ups and small businesses.

As a trainer and mentor, Aniruddha has conducted several programmes on teamwork, communication & presentation skills, motivation, leadership, process orientation, cross-cultural sensitivity, campus-to-corporate transition, etc.. He is also a visiting professor at Tamagawa University's Tama Graduate School of Business, where he conducts classes on global business. He is a strategic advisor to several companies in India and Japan.

Over the years, Aniruddha has supported several companies and businesses with his knowledge and experience. He believes that it is not enough to just have the potential to be a strong business entity. This potential needs to be backed by a strong strategy and decisive action. Hence the motto of Agera - "Acting on potential."


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