Social Initiatives

Agera Consulting

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Social Initiatives:


When we started our company, we had resolved that besides our core business, we would be actively involved in social initiatives in the field of education, development and other areas through which we could, in our own way, give back to society something that adds value to it.

We believe in the old saying that "Knowledge is power". Over the years, members of our team have been guest lecturers and speakers at various schools, colleges, universities and other institutes of learning. As we move forward, it is our firm conviction to continue engaging with the community and sharing our knowledge and experiences with the outside world.

Agera aims to bring together experts from a wide range of fields to create a platform for knowledge sharing and social engagement.


Who are our partners?

Schools, colleges, universities and other institutes of learning that:

  • Have a progressive philosophy
  • Aim to impart education and knowledge at a broader level
  • Do not restrict the academic process to what is contained in printed books
  • Believe that education in today’s day and age requires a creative approach
  • Are open to welcoming the outside world and being a part of the globally diverse ocean of knowledge and information
  • Truly subscribe to the statement – “Knowledge is power”


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