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As part of an ongoing series of seminars in India and Japan, Agera Consulting organized a special seminar for the students of Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo on July 3rd, 2014. The topic of this seminar was – "Anthropogenic noise and its impact on the marine eco-system" conducted by Dr. Arnab Das.

Dr. Arnab Das is a M.Tech and PhD from IIT Delhi and an Electrical Officer with the Indian Navy since 1994.




The marine species are known to perceive the environment around them through sound and use acoustic signals for biologically critical functions like foraging, communication, navigation, etc.

The indiscriminate economic activities in the maritime domain are translating to a rapid rise in the ambient noise in the ocean and consequent acoustic degradation of the marine eco-system. The absence of any regulatory framework globally for monitoring and controlling the maritime activities from the perspective of noise pollution in the oceans is translating to an indiscriminate rise in the maritime activities. The frequent whale stranding all over the world is a grim manifestation of the extent of degradation. The inaccessibility of the marine environment to the humans gives a false sense of well-being. Urgent measures are called for before the damage is irreversible. The socio-economic status of the vast population in the coastal regions adds to the complexity of any effort towards formulation of a regulatory framework. The environmental conservation initiatives are seen to be in direct conflict with the economic growth imperatives and thus faced with significant political opposition.

The lack of awareness regarding the acoustic aspect of the marine eco-system is a major cause of concern for initiating any corrective measures. The sustained neglect by the scientific community has ensured the absence of credible inputs of the underwater domain. Thus, there seems to be significant challenges for initiating any efforts towards the regulatory framework and more importantly the monitoring mechanism for ocean governance. Urgent measures are required and we need put all our resources together to engage in an effective mass movement to bring all stakeholders onboard. A very systematic and meticulous initiative is called for to commence a comprehensive and sustained campaign.

The start point of any mass movement is awareness and what better way than to sensitize our children, the future leaders of the world. The speaker has a lot of expectations from the children and that too, students from an International school who are expected to inculcate a world view and inclusive approach.


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