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I was recently invited to deliver a lecture on Indian Business Leadership and the lessons that can be derived from it at the Tama Graduate School of Business in Tokyo. It was indeed an honour to present my views on the subject at such a reputed business school.

Indian business leaders have gone from strength to strength in the last 50 years or so. But especially post 1991, with the liberalisation of the Indian economy, the true potential of Indian business leaders has been unleashed. Many a glass ceiling has been broken, many a barrier has been brought down and many a negative stereotype has been shattered. Indians now occupy some of the top positions in global business and are regularly in the news for their ability to bring about positive transformations in the companies that they manage. These champions of global business combine the best of their Indian roots and their international experience to deliver a unique value that greatly enhances the company's ability to succeed.


In my talk, I presented examples of some of the most well known Indian business leaders (excluding those who belong to multi-generation, family run business houses) who have made their own mark on the global stage and are considered to be role models, not just for other business leaders, but also for the younger generation of professionals who dream to be like them one day. I looked at the wide range of factors that contribute to the success of these leaders and how these factors shaped their careers and the way they applied their uniquely Indian way of thinking to a global setup.

The key points I covered in depth are as below:

  • India's diversity
  • The education system in India
  • The English language
  • Multiple abilities of Indian business leaders
  • Their global ambitions and aspirations
  • India's different business style
  • Faster decision making process

My talk primarily centered around the 3 Cs - CHOICES, CHANCES and CHANGE. And the overall importance of having a GLOBAL MINDSET and VISION, and the objective to become a GLOBAL CITIZEN. The concluding part of my talk focused on the lessons that business leaders from countries like Japan can learn from their Indian counterparts and the changes that they can make to their own management style to achieve global success.

Aniruddha Mallik
President & CEO


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