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We conducted the first career counselling session at Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Tokyo, Japan on October 25th 2014. It was an honour to have been invited by the school to conduct such an important session for its students, parents and teachers. Being the first such event at the school, we were aware that the expectations would be very high and we tried to deliver a session that would, at the very least, be a starting point for future sessions of a more detailed nature and format.


Times have changed drastically since the time we were kids. Back in our school days, competiton was less intense, exposure was also limited and we had a much smaller set of career options to choose from. Today, with the advent of technology and a vastly different global environment that students are exposed to, "career counselling" has become all the more difficult for parents, teachers and even professional counsellers. The goal of our first session was to plant the seeds of curiosity and basic awareness amongst the children so that they are able to think further and ask the right questions that would ultimately take them to their choice of career. Our effort was to give some guidance to the students about the decision making process that they can follow to determine which career is right for them. We also spoke about specific higher education options that are available to them in Japan and elsewhere.

Future sessions would deal with more detailed topics and with the cooperation of the school, we hope that a sustained career counselling effort can be established to best support the students as well as their parents and teachers.

We thank the school for entrusting us with this responsibility and also thank everyone who attended the session.

Aniruddha Mallik

President & CEO

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