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It's been an exciting 2014 at Agera. We've done a lot of things, accomplished some of our objectives and have learnt a lot more from all our experiences. 2015 is almost upon us, and as we welcome the new year, let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. As each year passes by, they say we get wiser! I surely hope that is the case for all of us and I assure you that the year that lies ahead will see an even stronger and more capable Team Agera!


AgeraWebsite 2015Our refreshed website has just gone live and it is our belief that the site is now better structured so as to clearly convey what we do and how we bring additional value to the table for our customers and partners. One of our goals for the next year is to increase our engagement with a wider audience and besides the website, we shall be more active on the Internet through periodic blog posts and social network updates.

Expanding our team in Japan is also very much on our agenda. As you mayWebGraphics Recruitment 1 have seen over the last few weeks, we have been publishing posts about career opportunities with Agera. In light of our plans for 2015, we shall continue to be on the lookout for skilled and talented people who can strengthen our identity and capabilities.

GIIS CareerCounselling 20141025We have taken a few humble steps towards making an entry into the education and knowledge space. In 2014, we conducted some seminars and sessions in Tokyo, and in the next year, we aim to do a whole lot more. Our "SMARTZ" initiative will launch its first event by the middle of 2015. I shall also have the pleasure and honour of joining the guest faculty panel at the Tamagawa Graduate School of Business as a visiting professor, where I shall be conducting some classes on the theme of "Business in Globalized India: The Japan Perspective".

Some other new lines of business are also on the cards. But more on that at a later time! :)

So, quite a few things to look forward to! For now though, on behalf of Team Agera, let me sign off this year by wishing all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous year 2015!

Aniruddha Mallik
President & CEO


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