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Last year, I delivered a business lecture at the Shinagawa campus of Tamagawa University's Tama Graduate School of Business (TGS). The theme was "Indian Business Leadership". Even though I was not really sure at the time how such a lecture (delivered in English!) would be received by students who were doing the school's executive MBA programme, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Not only was my lecture properly understood by almost everyone who attended (barring one person who wasn't comfortable with the English language at all), the contents were actually quite highly rated by the attendees. Even during the session, the quality of questions that were asked and the comments I heard were very impressive!

Based on the success of this lecture, Tokuoka sensei, who is the Head of the Department for the school's MBA programme was kind enough to invite me to join the school's panel of visiting professors and conduct a series of classes during the autumn session in 2015. Building on the first lecture's theme, I opted to put forward a curriculum based on the expanded theme of: "Business in Globalised India - The Japan Perspective". The idea behind this expanded theme is to focus not just on global business in the Indian and Japanese contexts, but also explore topics related to leadership, business styles and innovation.

I consider it a huge honour to be part of a panel that comprises of very senior and highly respected experts from a wide range of fields and I shall strive to add maximum value to the students of TGS through the classes that I conduct. The role of a "sensei" in Japan is considered to be worthy of the highest respect and I am privileged to have been granted this role by TGS. 



Aniruddha Mallik
President & CEO


More details about the Executive MBA course are available on the TGS website:


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