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This morning, a close friend reminded me of a saying in Japan - "In business, if you can survive the first 3 years, then you survive forever". Today, Agera completes its second year and steps into the 3rd. And if I go by what my friend told me, year number 3 shall be a very important one for the company.

Business, in my opinion, is not a game of trial and error. It requires focus, strategy, meticulous planning, seamless teamwork and efficient execution. A sharp awareness of the circumstances and trends, a feel of the pulse of the customer base and a keen instinct that is able to help us navigate through tricky situations... these are essential qualities that we at Agera have worked towards developing during the last 2 years. As technology continues to shrink the world and the barriers of doing business continue to crumble, the challenges for companies also evolve, thus giving them the opportunity to become more agile and open to change. And it is this ability to change that will determing the degree of success of any company in the modern era.

On this special day for Agera, I would like to sincerely thank all of you for the encouragement and support and also re-iterate Agera's commitment towards making a strong and positive impact in the various areas we get involved in.

Aniruddha Mallik
President & CEO


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