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"For Japan" - Our Special Focus:


The founders of Agera Consulting started their careers in Japan and in the years that they have lived and worked in the Land of the Rising Sun, they have called this country their home and have developed a strong bond with the country, its people and its culture. It is their belief that working in Japan has given them a unique perspective about international business and if the world has to emerge out of the current negative economic sentiment, Japan will have to be one of the nations that leads the way.

Building on our knowledge and experience, we at Agera aim to play a prominent role in contributing to the economic and social resurgence of Japan. We strongly believe that Japan has tremendous potential and with its unmatched work ethic, ability to innovate and proven success in fighting against all adversities, we see no reason why Japan cannot once again emerge as a leading global economic powerhouse. We came into Japan in the nineties, when Japan was riding a wave of prosperity and soon after that, for various reasons, Japan lost momentum and slumped into a prolonged phase of decline. Facing tremendous competitive pressure from emerging economies like China, India and others, Japan's past economic success appeared to become just a fond memory.

In recent times, a renewed sense of optimism is making its way to the surface and we are confident that with the right strategy and some aggressive outward thinking, Japanese companies can make their presence felt all over the world. We are committed to the growth and prosperity of Japan and have adopted the "For Japan" approach as one of our key philosophies. We believe that a strong and resilient Japan is in the best interests of the entire world and we consider it a priviledge to be able to participate in the strengthening of the country's future.

As part of this "For Japan" focus, we aim to support Japanese companies in:

  • Global Expansion
  • Business Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Technology Partnerships
  • Human Resources Management
  • Employment Creation
  • Cross-cultural Exchange

A very important objective for us is to create promising employment opportunities for the next generation of Japanese professionals and provide them with unique career options that will empower them to make the most of their potential and establish them as key change-makers in the global workforce.